What Types of Christmas Lights Does CLV Have?

Christmas lighting installationRegardless of what types of lights you would like to use in your Christmas lighting installation, it is a guarantee that Christmas Lights Vancouver will have what you are looking for! Just a few of the different types of lighting they offer for Christmas lighting installation include:

  • Icicle Lights – As the name indicates, these lights are supposed to resemble dripping icicles in their composition. They are most often white in color in order to provide a more natural appearance.
  • Miniature Lights – Again, as the name indicates, these lights are the miniature counterparts of traditional C9 and C6 bulbs. They are usually featured in multicolored strands, but can be found in solid colors as well.
  • Net Style Lighting – These types of lights are constructed in a web like design, and they are most commonly used to drape over bushes and other shrubbery. They are available in a wide variety of colors.
  • C9 and C6 Lights – These are the traditional, oversized bulbs that one thinks of when they think of traditional Christmas lights used in Christmas lighting installation. They are available in a wide variety of different colors, and they are quite energy efficient when compared to other types of lights.

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